Best Provider is a site for paid sports bets, provided by the best professionals in the area. We are focused on the most commercial and common sports, such as soccer, tennis and basketball, with the possibility to add a few more in the future.

Our organization is proud to dispose with some of the best specialists with a long-term experience and well-established names in betting. A team of profesional tipsters will choose, basing on specific criteria, the current games of the day and will deaply analyze, considering every detail, each one of the matches which will be offered to you. We are specialists, who have successfully earned their living by betting for quite a long time already. With the high rate of our winning tips we’ve earned the trust and confidence of our clients, who are now convinced in the well-proved professional level of our experts. The key to our succes is beeng persevere and disciplined and betting rationally. They are also a result of a well-proven selective system and the betting type we apply.

Our idea and main goal is to offer a huge packet of tips on an exclusively good price, divided into sections. Each section is bet individually and independantly from the others, so that in case of eventual loss in one of them, the winning others will cover it. In long-term view, this strategy leads to higher incomes. Our aim is not to expect high odds but permanent wins, even with smaller profits.

In Archive section you can have a look at our previous bets and calculate and define by yourself eachn of your bet by section, as well as to track our success rate. With our tips and system you get a real and efficient model for gaining money. Take the time, give us a try and be ready to enjoy winning while enjoying your hobby and passion.